Conferencia de Jesús Sales en Sailing Meeting

Jesús Sales, Director General de ECONANO, realizará una conferencia titulada Soluciones Nanotecnológicas para Náutica el próximo sábado 2 de Abril a las 13:30h en la 3ra edición de Sailing Meeting.


Sailing Meeting es la primera Feria Internacional de la Vela, un evento dinámico y moderno que se realiza en un espacio abierto al mar. En este evento se encuentran las principales firmas del sector de la Vela a nivel nacional e internacional.

La conferencia se realizará en la Sala Freedom Sea de Port Ginesta, uno de los puertos deportivos más grandes de la península ibérica. En él, el Sr. Sales ofrecerá una interesante charla sobre la aplicación de la Nanotecnología en las embarcaciones para ofrecer una máxima protección de todas las superficies de un barco.

¡Esperamos vuestra asistencia!

Nanotechnology in the Construction Industry

The use of nanotechnology materials and applications in the construction industry should be considered not only for enhancing material properties and functions but also in the context of energy conservation. This is a particularly important prospect since a high percentage of all energy used is consumed by commercial buildings and residential houses by applications such as heating, lighting, and air conditioning.

Nanotechnology has a significant impact in the construction sector. Several applications have been developed for this specific sector to improve the durability and enhanced performance of construction components, energy efficiency and safety of the buildings, facilitating the ease of maintenance and to provide increased living comfort. Nanoparticles are applied as a final coating on construction ceramics to bring this characteristic to the surfaces. Nanosized particles are used to make surfaces scratch resistant. These surfaces also prevent and decelerate formation of bad smells, fungus and mould.

Basic construction materials cement, concrete and steel will also benefit from nanotechnology. Addition of nanoparticles will lead to stronger, more durable, self-healing, air purifying, fire resistant, easy to clean and quick compacting concrete. Concrete structures also make profit from nano-enhanced coatings that prevent graffiti and other unwanted stains to adhere on to it. In addition to these materials, new lightweight, flame-retardant, self-healing and resilient construction materials, e.g. new nanocomposites, are expected to be helped in their development by nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology will also have a considerable impact on glass and therefore on windows. These windows are commonly called smart windows which implies that they are multifunctional through their energy saving, easy cleaning, UV controlling and photovoltaic features.

Nanotechnology could allow the development of materials with better insulation properties, intelligent structures capable of optimizing the use of energy. New insulating materials have been developed with the help of advances in nanotechnologies: carbon nanotubes, silicon dioxide nanoparticles, copper nanoparticles, etc.

Welcome to the future of Nanotechnology, a science applied by ECONANO.


Nanotechnology and the Environment

Nanotechnological products, processes and applications are expected to contribute significantly to environmental and climate protection by saving raw materials, energy and water as well as by reducing greenhouse gases and hazardous wastes. Using nanomaterials therefore promises certain environmental benefits and sustainability effects.

Rising prices for raw materials and energy, coupled with the increasing environmental awareness of consumers, are responsible for a flood of products on the market that promise certain advantages for environmental and climate protection. Nanomaterials exhibit special physical and chemical properties that make them interesting for novel, environmentally friendly products.

The advantages of nanotechnological products include the increased durability of materials against mechanical stress or weathering, helping to increase the useful life of a product; nanotechnology-based dirt- and water-resistant coatings to reduce cleaning efforts; novel insulation materials to improve the energy efficiency of buildings; adding nanoparticles to a material to reduce weight and save energy during transport. In the chemical industry sector, nanomaterials are applied based on their special catalytic properties in order to boost energy and resource efficiency, and nanomaterials can replace environmentally problematic chemicals in certain fields of application.

Nanotechnology has the potential to profoundly change the world as there won’t be many areas of product manufacturing over the next few years which won’t be enhanced in some way by the various nanotechnologies. However, for that to happen successfully the safety issues in many areas need to be satisfactorily resolved.

ECONANO was created with the premise of keeping our environment clean and protected. Our products help to reduce the amount of chemicals that are being used in our everyday lives and making things last longer, indirectly benefiting the environment.

The vast majority of our products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Only the best and most secure products are chosen for our range, always keeping in mind the need and importance of keeping the nature safe.

We believe that Nanotechnology shows a lot of promise for big benefits in terms of environmental protection in the future. For example, better pollution sensors and clean up systems, cheap and portable water treatment and more effective filters for pollution and viruses. In addition, the potential for environmentally friendly fuels like solar cells and hydrogen storage, better fuel efficiency and energy storage, pesticide replacements and more efficient, lighter cars, planes, ships, all help save materials and fuel.



Nanotecnología aplicada al sector náutico

Recientemente, Jesús Sales, Director General de ECONANO, ha sido entrevistado por Panorama Náutico, juntamente con Hempel, Jotun e International Akzo Nobel, para hablar de las ventajas de la nanotecnología en el sector náutico.

ECONANO ofrece una máxima protección nanotecnológica para todas las superficies de una embarcación.

Nuestros productos son los más eficaces para proteger cualquier superficie, desde el casco a la cubierta, textil o acero. Repelen cualquier agente externo que dañe los elementos de un barco, dándole una protección hidrófoba, oleófuga, fungicida y contra la acción del Sol. Facilitan el mantenimiento, la limpieza y la durabilidad de los materiales, además de mejorar el rendimiento de la embarcación y su navegabilidad.